The Original

 Kief Kissed 9J

Nine Point

Growth Industries LLC

  • Frankenstein/Lemon OG Kush
  • OG's Pearl
  • Opal OG Kush
  • Jade Kush
  • Cloud 9

Nine Point 

Leading the I502 industry in Washington state in growing the best cannabis on the market. We take great care and pride in our grow process. 

Nine Point has taken great care developing our own unique strains which are hybrids of Frankenstein, and Lemon OG Kush. Proprietary genetics give our strains high THC content, superior bud structure, and flavor.

Signature Strains

Our CEO and owner has over 40 years in the industry. His extensive knowledge and passion leads a team dedicated to growing the finest cannabis.

**Photo from Kitsap Sun

Our Team